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His animal grace

This piece has been really hard to work on. It probably needs more touching up, so I'm not putting it up in the shop yet. I started it before Cleo passed away, and really had to step back from it. It's still hard, losing her is still a really fresh wound, but I've been so close... I wanted to finish it. It means a lot, putting her at the lotus feet of Pashupati. Even though it's rather roughly colored, this piece is very important to me for that reason.

To the left of Cleo at His other side is Bowie. Largely because whenever I've done Sri Pashupati mantra in meditation, Bowie likes to cozy up next to me. That bunny loves soaking up that energy, so it seemed fitting to include him as well. He also balances out the Brahman Cow nicely. It's hard to tell at this size, but I'm getting a lot better at coloring white. It's subtle, but very nice. I obviously struggled with the hands and fingers though. The Linga Mudra Pashupati is doing with the hands in his lap is really difficult to pencil.

Tags: art, blue gorgon, cleo

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