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And when she smiles, the ice forgets to melt away

No word on Ma-tsu's nodules yet. The good news is that in all other ways -aside from needing desperately to shed- Ma-tsu is a healthy and even ovulating girl! She's even gained a little weight which is good. Not that Neptune's getting any action till she's shed and has a clean bill of health. She was, as always, a very good girl at the vet.

Also, a little pencil preview.

Not a misspelling, but a creation of mine. Think of it as a Snow Sphinx except more feline; specifically Lynx-y and a touch Cheshire Cat-ish. This is just the pencil, when finished the Sphlynx will be nice and spotty. This is actually the spirit of a character very near and dear to my heart, and a portrait of their strange and playful and sometimes mischievous muse is long overdue. :)

Tags: art, blue gorgon, fantasy, full circle

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