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News good and bad.

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated over here. Been distracted on a lot of fronts.

Good news: My work is on the cover of a lovely online mag called Timeless Spirit! This is the first time my art has been officially exhibited anywhere other than my own websites, so this is very exciting and I'm so moved by the subject and theme of the mag. Appreciation. :) I love it.

More good news: Ma-tsu's nodules? Not a tumor!

The bad news: It's tape worms?? D: Oddly, dead tape worms at that...

Symptoms of tapeworm infection differ according to the location of cysts formed in the body. And symptoms may not occur for months, or even years after infection. In some cases, there are no symptoms.Cysticerci in muscles may cause no symptoms but can form lumps under the skin.

The theory now is that she (if not both she and Neptune) was wild caught. Or fed unclean rats under her previous owner. I'm so so so grateful that we discovered this before we've bred. Talk about appreciation. The vets are now debating on how to treat this. Aside from her stitches from the initial removal, Ma-tsu is doing just fine. She's eating like a pig and doesn't seem to know or care that anything is wrong. Her overall health is great, and she's even gained weight. So she's a healthy girl other than the nasty bugs that have been hiding.

We're getting her taken care of, and Neptune will be checked thoroughly to make sure he's clean too. Poor babies! The "no symptoms" thing is a blessing and a curse... good that they don't suffer but bad that it's hard to catch! This too is why captive bred is always the best option. I knew when we got these two that they weren't coming from the best source. But I was too in love to care, and wanted to give them a better environment and care. That's exactly what I'm doing.
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