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Ma-tsu update

Ma-tsu was an angel as usual for the vet (I love watching her hog-tie my favorite vet-tech, lol), and she got her first shot. I forgot to ask what exact species of tapeworm it is, and I don't remember the name of the drug. But in my defense I've been adjusting to a new sleep schedule (again) and have spread myself a bit thin, so brain stoppage happens. But I plan to ask Friday when I call; the middle of the week our vet is closed so they can be open for people on the weekends.

BUT she is doing very well, stitches healing up nice but still in for now. The doc wants to get them out before she sheds, but she'd like to wait another week or so. Ma-tsu's not close enough to shed for it to be a worry.

She gets a second shot in a couple of weeks. Our vet said that we shouldn't be seeing any bugs, her body should absorb them as foreign protein.

Let me just add, I love our vet. I really really do. I want to kidnap her and take her with us wherever we move. The techs too. I love talking with them and they love our animals. They're awesome.

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