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 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at October 9th, 2007 (02:42 pm)

current mood: hungry


I've updated a bunch of stuff on BG, namely graphics on almost all the pages, changing Burma to Myanmar, and the addition of an about the artist page. I'm really really pleased with the new title graphics, and I have more illustrations underway for the FAQ as well. I'll likely add more title graphics in a couple of places, namely the Collection page for example, once I figure out what to put in the circles.

Let me know what you think! I didn't include a blue beauty pattern on the snake frames because it would have been too busy, kind of like the BG logo, but I think the solid blue with some depth to it works nicely.

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
I'd like to be a gallery, put you all inside my show
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at October 1st, 2007 (05:31 pm)

current mood: exhausted
Musical Inspiration: - Whitesnake - Is This Love

Wow.... this weekend was *crazy*. Karen and I are still totally beat, so it'll be a while before I really do much catching up. Specially since I'm on poo patrol today and have several other chores to attend to on top of lots of BG stuff. The Reptile Expo was awesome, and though we were VERY tempted on numerous occasions we didn't bring anybody home. But man... there were a bunch of little guys Karen and I both wanted to take home very badly. Falkor got the hell cuddled out of him when we got home as a result, lol!

I took a LOT of pictures. I am so not kidding. A couple of vids too. If you're on dial-up, I am very very sorry. Because this is... a LOT of pictures.Collapse )

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 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Give my children sunny smiles
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at September 28th, 2007 (03:18 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Cages! Man, the beauties *love* these enclosures. And so do we! The way they open does wonders for my back, they're huge, and they're beautiful. We're gonna keep an eye out for more decor for the beauties now since these big enclosures look so empty! Plus Neptune spent a lot of time tree worshipping, so we think he'd love more... and now we can fit more! These enclosures altogether are the most expensive piece of furniture we own... and worth every penny. Wow. Animal Plastics is great. They're where we'll be getting the hatchling rack from. That'll be our next big investment, but we're not too worried about that till we have a clutch in the incubator or at least a gravid Ma-tsu.

It's the first thing you see when you walk in. It's awesome, lots of room for the snakes to stretch! Surreal. Karen and I sat and watched them settle in for an hour I think. My only worry now is when we do move, entrusting movers to transport them safely!

Pics!Collapse )

Jenny&Owen [userpic]
by Jenny&Owen (zihuatanejo)
at September 24th, 2007 (04:40 pm)

The baby snake -- I've named him Crowley -- is coming along. He's very nervous and hides all day, but my husband and I make sure to handle him at least once a day. Usually for about five minutes, then he gets crabby and we put him back. Today, though, we held him for about ten minutes, and he didn't get crabby, just bored (wiggly, as opposed to tail-rattling). Progress :-)

Baby Snake

I can't get over how beautiful he is. I almost named him "Hypnos," because I lose track of time simply watching him.

Kitty watching our other snake, a 10 year old Cal King:
Grendel and the Cal King

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Community Notice
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at September 20th, 2007 (11:54 am)

Just in case anyone who follows lj_biz may have been concerned about this, I've already opted bluegorgon out of it. Just a note from your friendly neighborhood moderator. ^_^

Jenny&Owen [userpic]
Baby Beauty!
by Jenny&Owen (zihuatanejo)
at September 19th, 2007 (08:39 pm)

I got my first snake today -- a baby blue beauty! I am smitten:
Baby Snake

His movements are mesmerizing. I've been watching him for hours, and I've taken about a million pictures already. Two years ago my husband, a snake keeper since childhood, dragged me to a reptile show. I've never been interested in snakes, but one of these caught my eye. They are so beautiful, and right there and then I decided I wanted one. Three weeks ago my husband brought home from his parents' house a California King he's had for years. I took the plunge, and found a snake of my own :-) He does not have a name yet -- still thinking on that.

Your site and caresheet have been extremely helpful. Thank you!

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at September 12th, 2007 (07:34 pm)

current mood: busy

Few things... firstly, check out these beauties! Anery beauty snake (I want!) and a picture of a hypo beauty snake! Very cool stuff!

Secondly, waiting to hear back from the lab on Ma-tsu's most recent lung wash, make sure she has all that nasty infection out of her system. While at the vet, she was measured at a nice 92 inches in length! That's just shy of 8 feet. :)

I'm working on a more extensive "About Blue Gorgon" page rather then just the 3 questions on the FAQ. I suddenly felt the need to explain myself, so we'll see where that goes.

Another pencil piece is up in the Art Gallery, a World of Warcraft one sans snakes though which is why I'm not posting the pic directly here.

Also, the 15th of this month is Steve Irwin Day! For those unaware, I thought I'd give a heads up. :)

Happy Herping!

Arkadyevna [userpic]
Snake Dreamer
by Arkadyevna (arkadyevna)
at September 12th, 2007 (01:39 pm)

While browsing Amazon earlier for books which I do NOT have the money to purchase, I came across Snake Dreamer by Priscilla Galloway. It's a YA book, but looks like a really interesting interpretation (or "subversion," as one review describes it!) of the Medusa myth. Has anyone heard of or read it? I found a used copy for 25 cents, which made me promptly justify buying it, even though I really don't have 25 cents to throw around. Book addict, what? *g*

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Hi all! A few BG updates!
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at August 27th, 2007 (10:32 am)

current mood: busy

The Blue Gorgon FAQ is officially up and running! I didn't cover anything specific about VBBs, I think the caresheet (also recently updated) pretty much covers all the VBB specific info. This one is made up of questions most snake keepers are commonly asked, as well as snake shopping tips and a just a couple of questions I commonly get about Blue Gorgon. If you think of something that isn't covered there, please feel free to ask! :)

There's more pics in the Photo Gallery of some snakes from the 2006 Tuscon reptile Expo as well as pics of my good friend Amarin's beautiful kingsnake Voodoo. The 2007 expo is coming up at the end of Sept, and you can bet there will be more pics after that!

We also have some bumper stickers now available in the shop, for anyone interested. :)

Tomorrow Ma-tsu gets a recheck and we'll see how she's doing. She's still being reluctant to eat anything bigger than pinkies or pups, which is getting expensive as she can happily down 30 pinks in one sitting. I'm trying to work her way back up to adults. Oy. Neptune also clearly prefers eating every other week, so in the interest of saving foodstuffs I'm switching the beauties to that schedule instead of trying to get them to eat every week.

Other then that... business as usual I guess! :)

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Terribly sad story... and why education about reptiles is so important.
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at August 24th, 2007 (01:13 pm)

current mood: pensive

Python Snake killed at St Bernadette festival

For approximately 10 years the employees and clients of All Creatures Animal Hospital have enjoyed an ever-growing petting zoo at the St. Bernadette festival. The purpose of the petting zoo is to raise awareness for the proper pet care by answering husbandry and veterinary questions for the general public, as well as providing an opportunity for people to handle exotic pets. The reception has always been positive and the Amelia community now eagerly anticipates the annual event. Usually there are a variety of different animals – including lots of reptiles, skunks, ferrets, rabbits, and goats – all screened to be docile creatures (except the snapping turtle and alligator).

For the past 4 years, Scott Braunstein from the House of Reptiles in Dry Ridge, Ky. has been assisting All Creatures in providing a large variety of snakes, lizards, and even an alligator for visitors to handle and observe. Scott’s whole business is to educate people on reptiles. His goal is for people to learn to appreciate and not fear the reptiles that share this planet with us. He discusses what reptiles make the best pets and which ones should be kept wild. Scott spends most of his time trying to convince people not to be afraid of snakes and reptiles, but to appreciate their unique design and beauty. He tries hard to train young people not to grow up believing reptiles are slimy or should be killed indiscriminately. All of Scott’s reptiles have very mild, predictable personalities, and they get handled very frequently. One 10-foot, 2-year-old albino Burmese python named “Popcorn” was particularly docile. Popcorn layed around most of Sunday afternoon in the lawn at St Bernadette while kids gathered around and petted the impressive individual. Adult spectators, while waiting in line for the chicken dinner, laughed and pointed at the snake – stretched out in the grass enjoying the mid afternoon sun. Towards the end of “Popcorn’s” lazy 8 hours at the petting zoo, Scott noticed that a young boy came up to the head of the snake and raised his foot. Scott asked the boy to back off and the boy replied, “I hate snakes.” Scott said that was fine and to just leave the snake alone, he wasn’t bothering anybody, and he told the boy to back off and go somewhere else. Then, without warning, the boy sneaked up on the big snake, and stomped his foot on the snake’s head. The snake’s spine was severed at the base of his skull from the force of the boy’s stomp, and the snake rolled and convulsed before expiring his last breath. His father who, obviously embarrassed, grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled him back into the festival crowd accompanied the boy. The only words said by the boys father were - “that’s why I can’t take you anywhere.” The father and his son were not seen anywhere near the petting zoo and never once appeared concerned that they had just killed this large beautiful reptile. Scott shook his head is disgust, loaded his deceased snake into a box and packed up his remaining reptiles for the long drive back to Dry Ridge.

Read more...Collapse )

All wild animals and especially reptiles deserve our respect. We need to protect them and educate our children about them. Now only “Popcorn’s” skin will be used for future reptile educational seminars with the House of Reptiles. And one less live albino python snake in the world may not make a big difference in future generations of reptiles. But maybe the readers of this story will think of “Popcorn” and be an example to a child the next time they see a snake on the road and stop their car and let it pass. Maybe someone who held “Popcorn” and witnessed no aggression will stop someone before they reach for the hoe to kill a defenseless garter snake in their garden. Perhaps a child, who admired Popcorns beauty, will pass on to other children or students the importance of protecting reptiles from needless harm. Reptiles need our help to survive for our future generations to enjoy and see God’s nature through their beauty.

Dr Dan Meakin - All Creatures Animal Hospital, Amelia

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Can it sting me with it's tongue?
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at August 16th, 2007 (06:14 pm)

current mood: hopeful

Hi guys!

Inspired by a number of questions I've gotten lately (or the sheer number of questions) by people completely unfamiliar with snakes, I've started compiling an FAQ for the most commonly asked questions. Since my website is as much about snake PR as it is about blue beauties, I'm a bit surprised at myself for not doing this sooner.

Here's some of the questions I've come up with/remembered/have had suggested so far.Collapse )

I'd really appreciate some input here, I'm sure a lot of you have gotten certain questions and misconceptions about your animals from non-snake people more than once! Which ones are the most common? I miss any big ones?

x-posted to bluegorgon, snakecommunity, and herpgirls

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at August 3rd, 2007 (04:27 pm)

current mood: hot

I recently got the little portable expandable snake hook from http://www.beanfarm.com/, and Neptune really likes it! He's not crazy about my touching him still, but he's totally fine with the hook, very calm, I'm pleased! Highly recommended, and compacts small enough for me to carry around in my purse on the off chance I should need it. Never know, right? No? ;)

Ma-tsu still doesn't want to eat, but she's taking the medicine well and drinking plenty, cozied up on the warm side of her hide. I can't wait to get the new enclosures. If we ever do get a hold of http://www.customwoodreptilecages.com/, we'll still look to get a nice stand made to the right size. I really do adore their work. Otherwise, it looks like http://www.animalplastics.com/ has won out.

Here's a random vid of Ma-tsu getting a nice long drink to wash down her meds. I love watching snakes drink, it's so darling! Sorry the vid is so dark and the music wonky though. :P I'll try to do better next time.

Every time Ma-tsu goes into the vet though, people are curious about what's in there and even though the initial reaction is often "EWW, a snake??" soon as they peek in the bag, the reaction is "Oh wow, she's so pretty!" ^_^ Ma-tsu is such a good poster child for the "No, Srsly, snakes are sweet and gorgeous" campaign. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, I don't think I've ever seen a children's movie treat snakes so lovingly!

I plan to make more items based on the Blue Gorgon tagline "Because Snakes are Beautiful." Like shirts, hats, etc. Still brainstorming that though. I'd like to use photos, but I'm not sure how to make our photos suit something like a shirt. Not sure... we shall see. Might end up just sticking with the logo. That's the underlying message of so much of what I do these days. It's all about the snake public relations and spreading the love. They're not icky horrible monsters at all, but beautiful elegant and fascinating animals. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but already I've talked to so many people out in the world and had their perceptions shift. It's a beautiful thing to watch, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Ooh, pictures!
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at July 27th, 2007 (12:49 pm)

current mood: thoughtful
Musical Inspiration: Spandau Ballet - I'll Fly For You


About freaking time, isn't it? ^_^ It appears to mostly be in working order, let me know if it's buggy at all! I know a couple of squares act up, same in the art gallery, but I can't figure out why as there's no typos and it's all coded the same. :P

Ma-tsu is doing well! An absolute sweetheart at the vet, and getting a shot every few days. She's still a bit weazy, but she's still trucking and we'll see if she'll eat when the next Big Cheese shipment arrives on Monday. And she is LOVING the Herpstat, all cozied up on the warm side. I'm sure that helps. :)

Still needs more room, they both do, but our preferred cage maker seems to have vanished off the face of the earth so... hmm. The debate begins. We really want to get nice and situated for the sake of the snakes, the sake of my back (no more tanks! :P Front opening is much better for me!), and for the sake of getting a nice looking and efficient snake area together. Got to start somewhere, right? Ideally we were hoping for a double decker cherry wood stand dealie for Ma-tsu and Neptune. Each cage being about 30"d, 25"h, and 5ft long.

The enclosure options so far...Collapse )

Been crunching numbers and thinking. Just don't know. :/ We have a lot of thinking to do... here's hoping CWRC contacts us soon and makes it easy!

EDIT: If we don't get a hold of CWRC, we're going to go with a pair of T20 from Animal Plastics.

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
It's all in the timing
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at July 23rd, 2007 (01:07 pm)

current mood: crazy

Ma-tsu has an RI. :(

She was an incredibly good girl as per usual though she did *not* care for the lung-flush dealie. She'll be on anti-biotics for a while, and we have a second herpstat on the way for the beauties to keep their temps more consistent. I've just updated the caresheet accordingly as well. Children as expensive, no matter what the species. :P I swear, it's like we're paying for veterinary school between our bunny's kidney stone, our cat's diabetes & kidney issues, and now Ma-tsu's RI... all this year, I think. But our vet fantastic and take good care of our babies. Thank god we have a car now.

There will be NO breeding till Ma-tsu is 100%! And preferably in a bigger enclosure as well, but we can't seem to get a hold of custom wood reptile cages... If we don't hear back soon, we may have to reluctantly go with something else. But the most important thing is the health and well being of our critters. Healthy and happy is the way it oughta be. We've been trying to get the snake corner all set up, and we do have plans and should be able to make it work soon depending on how things go. The plan is to get a nice big double decker for Ma-tsu and Neptune, and give Neptune's old cage to a younger female that's yet to be acquired. The tank will be history.

I'll keep you guys updated on how Ma-tsu is doing! Man, what a year.

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Thoth: The Word
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at July 20th, 2007 (12:09 pm)

current mood: working

Egyptian Ibis headed deity of Wisdom, Language, and in some myths Creation as well.  Even though he's the god of language, you never see him with his beak open so I really liked this idea.  I might change/get rid of his name in the pic still,but here he is anywhos.  I love the creation myth of Thoth creating himself and the rest of existence through the invention of language..The Word... So that's what I based this interpretation of him on.  :) Hope ya like.  The sample-stamp free version will soon be available in my shop. :)

No snakes on this one, but... it's still a Blue Gorgon piece so here it is!

Thoth:The WordCollapse )

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at June 27th, 2007 (06:09 pm)

current mood: busy
Musical Inspiration: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - shivoham

I seem to remember forever ago seeing video of Terri Irwin doing dishes or other such housework with what looked like a Burmese Python draped around her shoulders. This doesn't work so well with Ma-tsu, lol! I can drape her over me just fine, and she's a happy camper, but she gets bored pretty quick and wants to go exploring. I'd say it was a boid vs colubrid thing, but Gomez our ball python gets curious real fast too and is quickly unhelpful in doing housework. Granted, the only time I really try this is when I'm cleaning their enclosures. It'll take me a little longer, but its worth it for the cuddle time. Wish I could try that with Neptune, but I don't trust the handsome booger that much! I can't do it with Falkor either, because that little corn is super hyper and still too little to drape properly. Those two go to a separate container when I'm cleaning.

There's nothing quite like cuddling a Ma-tsu though. She's a dream. I look forward to dozens of girls just like her someday. Today, while she was wrapped all around me and exploring my shoulders I thought of Medusa, and how nice snake hair would actually feel. I've never held any snake that did not feel awesome. I'm sure there's a few species that would be uncomfortable for one reason or another, but the feel of cool soothing soft smooth snake skin against my skin is just heaven.

Speaking of Medusa, check out this beautiful body paint interpretation of Shanti #1! <3

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at June 18th, 2007 (01:01 am)

current mood: sleepy
Musical Inspiration: namaste - Java Shiva Shankara

She was a lot harder to color than I was expecting, but I am still in love with her nonetheless and look forward to working with her in some more portraits.

Shanti #1Collapse )

X-posted to bluegorgon & mythicsnake

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at May 27th, 2007 (02:52 am)

current mood: weird
Musical Inspiration: Pan's Labyrinth

Despite lots of feline health drama, work has been done! Sobek is finished. I don't know why I felt like portraying him with a human body but not the Unut portrait. I like it though, and may very well do any other Egyptian deities the same way, more traditionally how they were depicted by the ancient Egyptians rather than anthropomorphic. I dunno, it'll probably depend on the piece. I enjoyed working on him, crocs are awesome and he's a really fascinating and powerful figure. Here he is, the Lord of the Nile!

Sobek-RaCollapse )

Prints and other goodies available Here. We also have plus sizes now available on the Blue Gorgon items! Still catching up the Full Circle products on that.

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
Tree Hugger
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at May 22nd, 2007 (05:17 am)

current mood: awake

Wow, Ma-tsu really missed her tree! She's so weird.

A while back I removed the plastic trees from both her and Neptune's enclosures. For Neptune, to give him more room, and for Ma-tsu because it was poorly weighted and she would tip it back and forth like a see-saw against the glass and make me nervous. So out they came. Then Ma-tsu got real reclusive and started spending a lot more time in her hide and being less enthusiastic about dinner time. So, that weirdness had been going on for a while and I've missed my girl quite a lot. Then just recently I thought to give her Neptune's old tree, as it's a bit better balanced. She's out and about, and in general seems more pleased with life again.

Neptune doesn't appear to give a hoot if there's a tree or not, but then his enclosure is much more private with the wood sidings. I think maybe she feels more secure this way, I don't know. But I'm glad she's happy again.

Eventually all our beauties will have http://www.customwoodreptilecages.com/ enclosures, prettier and more secure all around. We just need more space first.

But yeah, sorry I haven't had much to report lately. The way things have been going pet wise lately (rabbit with bladder stone, geriatric diabetic cat) no news has been good news with the snakes. Been a bit overwhelmed with the mammals, it's that kind of year. I keep procrastinating on organizing the photo gallery for the site and I apologize for that too. Getting through this year, and looking forward to the next!

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at April 25th, 2007 (01:56 pm)

current mood: groggy

I know I haven't posted over here in a while, not much to report really outside of adding a couple links on Blue Gorgon and changing the e-mail contact page. Things have been a bit crazy outside of the world of snakes, they've pretty much been our cool relaxed center in the meantime.

Every time I look at my snakes, I smile. Every single one of them. I smile bigger still when I handle them. Feeding, cleaning poo, I'm always smiling and talking to them when I'm working with the snakes. They just make my heart glow, each one for their own reasons and all of them because they're just so sweet and beautiful. They enrich my life, and I'm utterly grateful for them. Patient, undemanding, gorgeous, charming creatures that they are.

Just wanted to share that thought. <3

 Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my [userpic]
VBB in the SE needs a good home.
by Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my (medusasowl)
at April 6th, 2007 (05:21 am)

current mood: hopeful

I was just contacted by a lady in the south east (not sure exactly where, I'm waiting for more details) who's son went and got a VBB then dropped it off with her. She can't care for it, and wants to find it a good home ASAP. I assume pick-up only. Doesn't sound like the gender is known.

It's ~6' and hasn't been handled enough. Somewhat aggressive but was showing signs of simmering down.

Drop me a line at my gmail, blue.gorgon(at)gmail.com, if you're interested or know someone who is and I'll get you in touch with her. I'll add more information to as I get it such as location etc.

x-posted to bluegorgon, snakecommunity, herpgirls, reptile_cages