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bluegorgon's Journal

Blue Gorgon: Because Snakes Are Beautiful
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"The snake is an animal... It has a backbone and heart. It has red blood and drinks water and eats food. It breathes air and feels fear, just like every other animal in the world...
And it's in a body that is the hardest thing for the average person to understand." ~ Dave Barker, herpetologist

Snakes are arguably some of the most beautiful and most misunderstood creatures on Earth.

Every culture has at least one legend about these magnificent animals. They've been associated with gods and demons both, and even respected as such themselves. They've been called protectors, healers, omens, messengers… There are more myths and art, both modern and ancient, inspired by snakes than even cats or horses.

They are at once familiar and alien, surreal and common place. Our fascination with snakes spans the entire breadth of human history, and yet they are still feared and underappreciated by so many.

Put simply… Snakes are Beautiful; one of Nature's masterpieces. Snakes are often falsely represented as monstrous, harmful, and evil. It is Blue Gorgon's aim to promote these shy, gorgeous, and beneficial animals not only as objects d'art and exotic pets, but wonders of nature to be admired and respected not hated and feared.

Blue Gorgon specializes in Vietnamese Blue Beauties (Elaphe taenura ssp) and snake/Myth art, but this community is about more than that. This is a forum for people to share poetry, artwork, photography, vids, uplifting stories, and ask questions about both modern and ancient myths. Share the love, overcome your fears. Discussion about snakes in history, as pets, and in the wild are welcome. Trying to find homes for rescues is MORE than welcome.

The rules are simple:

1)Respect each other.
2)Respect the animals.
3)Asshattery and trolling will not be tolerated.
4)Don't be afraid to ask questions! Have you heard strange stories about snakes? Find out which ones are myths, exaggerations, and the truth! Ask away!
5)One pic or vid is fine without a cut, but please use an LJ-cut for longer posts or posts with multiple pictures.
6)Be patient and understanding! Remember that some folks are here to overcome their fears, so "scary" snake vids, photos, etc is discouraged.

Um... and, yeah, that's about it. Rules will be updated only if people invent reasons for more rules then that. Other then that, have fun and again, Welcome! :) Also, be sure to visit these relevant communities:


And our banner, for your use if you should like (no hotlinking please!):

Moderated by medusasowl, a snake fancier and aspiring breeder.