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Youtube always makes these things come out a bit dark, but I got a great shot of Ma-tsu yawning to realign her jaws after dinner. She usually waits to do this just in case she's getting seconds so I usually miss it with the camera. It really is impressive to see a snake yawn. Can't really make out her teeth, they're not big but you can see her gums where they fit and the air hole she breathes through when she's swallowing and her throat is all clogged up. Like breathing through a straw when you're underwater. It's amazing how flexible their head has to be in order to survive!

I think about how it feels when I stretch and crack my neck and back when I wake up in the morning, and how relaxing it is. I bet that feels real good after the work of getting down dinner to snap everything back into place!
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I am so overwhelmed right now...

As many of you know, our male blue beauty Neptune has been a challenge from day one. Extremely poorly socialized, stressed from sharing a cage, hardly ever handled... He came to us as a big ol stressball. He only ate every so often, and he'd strike at the glass and always make a go at me when I tried to handle him. I was actually a bit intimidated at first to tell the truth, as he's quite the big boy to boot! 8 feet 3lbs of hissy antisocial nippy snake! Nothing quite like when Neptune inflates and hisses like a fire hose.

Lately, he's been eating like a pro only refusing while in shed which I can predict now and no wasted meals.

Yesterday, I changed his water while he was awake instead of while he was asleep like I usually do. Instead of striking at me or getting hissy, he just watched. Good boy!

Today I'm on poop patrol and Neptune surprisingly left a huge mess outside the humid hide, just in front of it. He normally only poops once a month when he sheds, and he just went last week. Plus it's usually IN the Humid hide which I just take out to clean. So I gather all the supplies to put him away (gloves, holding bin) and clean out the cage when I realize the mess is only on one half of the cage, and not the side he's on. It takes a couple of sheets to cover the floor of their cages, so it's not all the same sheet of kraft paper. Neptune is wide awake and watching me with his head sticking out resting on the edge of his water bowl.

So instead of wrangling him out of the cage, I go to change it out just like if it was Ma-tsu's cage. I take out stuff, take out the paper, spray stuff, clean, all with the door open and no gloves with him in it on the clean side.

Neptune just watched me! No S-formation, no hissing, no striking, just watching calmly not a foot from my bare hand!! I cleaned out his cage easily, no rushing, with him still in it! I'm seriously crying I'm so happy! Look at what a long way he's come! Wow, just wow...

Who's my special boy? He never strikes at the glass anymore, never refuses a meal... He's not at gloveless or willing handling yet, but I really think he's getting there... To think of how miserable and aggressive he was when we brought him home, and look at him now... cruising, eating, mellowing out... way to go, Neptune...!

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Medusas's Owl

Neptune the drama king.

Neptune is an odd boy. He seems to like doing everything at once... shed, poop, and eat in that order. He'll eat maybe once or twice a month, and sheds awfully frequently for an adult ratsnake, which I suspect is because he's such a stressball. He was even in shed when we first brought him home, which is why he ate for us right away. *sighs* He's healthy though,so claimeth the vet, so I'm not complaining! And a beautiful boy at that. We're feeding him on Saturday now, so if he refuses Ma-tsu can have it on Sunday. She always eats, so no wasted food that way. Ma-tsu is in hiding a lot lately... I keep hoping she'll lay, but it's hard to tell as she's eating just fine and being so unusually hidey. I pester her every once in a while just to make sure she's not hiding eggs where they'll dry out.

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I'd love to iconize this cute picture of him peeking out, but I can't quite think of the right caption. Any suggestions? :)

Medusas's Owl

Our Resident Goddess

Just finished cleaning out Ma-tsu's cage... I swear, that girl blows me away. She poked her head out while I was digging for buried treasure on the other end of her enclosure. She got curious and headed out and over, inspecting everything and blowing little snake kisses over my hands. So sweet. While she inspected that newly cleaned side, I moved to clean the other end where she'd been napping before I started. Ma-tsu buries her droppings almost like a cat would, never in plain sight or where it might offend her while she's cruising or lounging. Always under the substrate. She starts to climb up and out while I'm changing her water. Ratsnakes can move *really* fast when they want to, but Ma-tsu just never does. Slowly cruising along the lip of her tank. She leans up to look me in the face and flicker her tongue at me. I give her a brief chin rub, then go back to finishing up.

Then she starts cruising toward points unknown, at which point I do gently scoop her up and wrap her around me. I haven't done this for a while just being paranoid of her potential eggs, but I'm letting her be the judge of what she can and can't do. It's been too long... she feels amazing. My eyes even teared up, she feels so good both physically and psychologically. It's just such an amazing thing to experience, this surreally beautiful 8 foot snake who I trust completely and she trusts me... her sweet face, and amazing skin, wrapping her tail around me. *blissful sigh* I finished cleaning and she decided to head back inside to chill in her humid hide. The end of her tail wrapped around my head like a headband for a moment *chuckles*

Damn, I love this snake. I love all my babies to bits, but Ma-tsu... she's... she's magic. I feel blessed just to get to watch her, let alone have her as part of the family. Unreal.