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Is it nice in your snow storm

Woot, finally happy with the Sphlynx. One down. :) Never done a snowy scene before, really, so this was a fun challenge. Plus this is an awfully cute muse of mine, who manifests as in a few different forms in Full Circle. S/He hasn't shown up yet, but s/he will. But this is what hir spirit looks like.

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And when she smiles, the ice forgets to melt away

No word on Ma-tsu's nodules yet. The good news is that in all other ways -aside from needing desperately to shed- Ma-tsu is a healthy and even ovulating girl! She's even gained a little weight which is good. Not that Neptune's getting any action till she's shed and has a clean bill of health. She was, as always, a very good girl at the vet.

Also, a little pencil preview.

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Cleo Writing

His animal grace

This piece has been really hard to work on. It probably needs more touching up, so I'm not putting it up in the shop yet. I started it before Cleo passed away, and really had to step back from it. It's still hard, losing her is still a really fresh wound, but I've been so close... I wanted to finish it. It means a lot, putting her at the lotus feet of Pashupati. Even though it's rather roughly colored, this piece is very important to me for that reason.

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Medusas's Owl

Selket, Egyptian Scorpion Goddess

I finished the piece that I started after the others first. :P But I think she turned out pretty nice. Scorpions are fun to draw and I love the Egyptian sun. They often depicted the sun's rays as having hands at the end, I adore that and finally got to use it in this piece since it's kinda abstract to begin with.

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I'm still trying to decide if it's really worth it to try and upload everything onto DeviantArt. It's supposed to be a good way to get your stuff out there, but meh. They make it such a chore to upload and define what your work is. What do you guys think?

Is DA worth it?

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Turn Blue

I about killed my wrist in the process of coding it, but I am very pleased with Blue Gorgon's resulting facelift!

The fixed menu should work now in all browsers and I've added/changed a few graphics as well. I've also added the definition of "Herps" under the FAQ. I need to add a bunch more pics to the photo gallery still, and a few more graphics on the FAQ and Collection page, but the site format is finished now! Special thanks to the fellas on http://www.ball-pythons.net/ for helping me work out the IE bugs!

Now I just need to get the shop front and community to look as nice. ;) But I'd prefer to focus on the artwork instead for a while.

In your fear seek only peace

Here's the second portrait of Shanti, finally done! I'd love to get her tattooed eventually. After this one, I'm gonna try and focus on non-Shanti portraits for a while. So I don't seem obsessed with her even though I am, lol. Also, there's lots more pieces I want to do. :) But there will be more of her eventually! Till we're in a place where big tattoos are feasible, I'm gonna settle for a shirt and perhaps magnet from my shop after the holidays. :) I love how she turned out... my peace angel.

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I've updated a bunch of stuff on BG, namely graphics on almost all the pages, changing Burma to Myanmar, and the addition of an about the artist page. I'm really really pleased with the new title graphics, and I have more illustrations underway for the FAQ as well. I'll likely add more title graphics in a couple of places, namely the Collection page for example, once I figure out what to put in the circles.

Let me know what you think! I didn't include a blue beauty pattern on the snake frames because it would have been too busy, kind of like the BG logo, but I think the solid blue with some depth to it works nicely.
Blue Gorgon

I'd like to be a gallery, put you all inside my show

Wow.... this weekend was *crazy*. Karen and I are still totally beat, so it'll be a while before I really do much catching up. Specially since I'm on poo patrol today and have several other chores to attend to on top of lots of BG stuff. The Reptile Expo was awesome, and though we were VERY tempted on numerous occasions we didn't bring anybody home. But man... there were a bunch of little guys Karen and I both wanted to take home very badly. Falkor got the hell cuddled out of him when we got home as a result, lol!

I took a LOT of pictures. I am so not kidding. A couple of vids too. If you're on dial-up, I am very very sorry. Collapse )

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Rainbow Bridge


Despite lots of feline health drama, work has been done! Sobek is finished. I don't know why I felt like portraying him with a human body but not the Unut portrait. I like it though, and may very well do any other Egyptian deities the same way, more traditionally how they were depicted by the ancient Egyptians rather than anthropomorphic. I dunno, it'll probably depend on the piece. I enjoyed working on him, crocs are awesome and he's a really fascinating and powerful figure. Here he is, the Lord of the Nile!

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Prints and other goodies available Here. We also have plus sizes now available on the Blue Gorgon items! Still catching up the Full Circle products on that.