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Medusas's Owl

Give my children sunny smiles

Cages! Man, the beauties *love* these enclosures. And so do we! The way they open does wonders for my back, they're huge, and they're beautiful. We're gonna keep an eye out for more decor for the beauties now since these big enclosures look so empty! Plus Neptune spent a lot of time tree worshipping, so we think he'd love more... and now we can fit more! These enclosures altogether are the most expensive piece of furniture we own... and worth every penny. Wow. Animal Plastics is great. They're where we'll be getting the hatchling rack from. That'll be our next big investment, but we're not too worried about that till we have a clutch in the incubator or at least a gravid Ma-tsu.

It's the first thing you see when you walk in. It's awesome, lots of room for the snakes to stretch! Surreal. Karen and I sat and watched them settle in for an hour I think. My only worry now is when we do move, entrusting movers to transport them safely!

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