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Medusas's Owl

Adorable spaz

Our corn snake, Falkor, is like the chicken little of snakes. Of all our snakes, he makes me laugh the most. He's a jumpy high strung little guy, but not in a nippy way. He's never struck at anyone or even pretended to dry to bite. He just... spazzes. Like, every time I open up his enclosure to change his water or do anything really he'll wake out of a dead sleep to peek out and whip his head around. "OMG, WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY STUFF!!" He seems to say. Sometimes followed by a hopeful moving towards me, following me alongside the tank "Wait, do you have food? Food for me? Food?... No? Then OMG WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY STUFF, I NEED THAT STUFF! THE SKY IS FALLING, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!"

I once made the mistake of starting to take out the things in his enclosure before I took him out, to clean it. His tree hide, his water dish, his statue, his other hide... he nearly lost his poor little reptilian mind. "NooooooOOOoooo! MY STUFF!" He's a materialistic little dude. I can take him out and he's fine, but soon as I touch his stuff he looks around frantically like it's the end of the world. Even just his water dish. Spoiled little guy. He loves that stuff. When I put everything back, including him, he runs around to make sure everything's where it should be then curls up to go to sleep. "S'right... MY stuff..."


He's also always extremely interested in what we're doing. I often find him staring into the kitchen or his head following us as we go by. He knows I'm the bringer of food, so if I open the top and don't appear to be touching his stuff, he comes toward me hopefully. I can have his food on a tong right next to his face, but he's sure I'm hoarding the good stuff and he's moving up toward me instead! I have to literally wave the food in his face for him to realize that it's already in the cage. Falkor cracks me up!
Medusas's Owl

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!!"

Ooo, updates!

A) I am going to set up a professional CafePress store for Blue Gorgon. Posters, cards, shirts, mugs, what have you! And so, I am starting to work at larger sizes on the art pieces and prepare them for printing. We ran a test print, and I think this'll work nicely. Much cooler than those little 8 X 10 prints, yes? We might also include products with snake photography on them! We shall see!

B) Speaking of snake photography... I love this new camera! I am also now addicted to youtube. So here's a few vids of Ma-tsu showing off just how "shy" she is! She really wanted to sit on my head, which made for some very cute "making out with the camera" shots. She's so cute, and such a sweetie. This is the kind of Beauty I want to breed and be known for. Snakes as friendly, curious, charming and beautiful as our girl Ma-tsu!

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Medusas's Owl

Ma-tsu belly

Ma-tsu was lounging in such a way the other day that it showed off part of her tummy, so I thought I'd snap a few shots. :) It's mostly toward her tail, and in the second pic you can almost see a bit of egg laden middle.

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Neptune declined today's dinner, but he sometimes likes an extra week between meals I'm learning. Picky boy. Ma-tsu delicately plucked her small rats from the tongs and swallowed without hesitation. I swear, I've never seen a snake eat like her. She always eats, good appetite, but she's so dainty about it! No striking, just "Oh, why yes thank you, don't mind if I do" pluck and swallow. Crazy!