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Meditating Parvati

Thank you, Ma-tsu, you will be SO missed... Thank you for being a part of my life...

I just found Ma-tsu dead this morning in her cage...

We really tried to bring her back after that surgery, but she's never recovered... We really did everything we could...

God, I miss her so much already... She changed my life. She really did. She inspired Blue Gorgon, inspired me in so many ways... We hoped she'd turn around but... God... She was such a sweetheart of a snake. My girl. Gorgeous, sweet, patient... we kind of knew this was coming but it doesn't make it any easier, not at all... God, we tried...

Here's my favorite vid of her. In loving memory...

I can't even wrap my head around what to do with her body right now...
Blue Gorgon

I'd like to be a gallery, put you all inside my show

Wow.... this weekend was *crazy*. Karen and I are still totally beat, so it'll be a while before I really do much catching up. Specially since I'm on poo patrol today and have several other chores to attend to on top of lots of BG stuff. The Reptile Expo was awesome, and though we were VERY tempted on numerous occasions we didn't bring anybody home. But man... there were a bunch of little guys Karen and I both wanted to take home very badly. Falkor got the hell cuddled out of him when we got home as a result, lol!

I took a LOT of pictures. I am so not kidding. A couple of vids too. If you're on dial-up, I am very very sorry. Collapse )

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Medusas's Owl

Give my children sunny smiles

Cages! Man, the beauties *love* these enclosures. And so do we! The way they open does wonders for my back, they're huge, and they're beautiful. We're gonna keep an eye out for more decor for the beauties now since these big enclosures look so empty! Plus Neptune spent a lot of time tree worshipping, so we think he'd love more... and now we can fit more! These enclosures altogether are the most expensive piece of furniture we own... and worth every penny. Wow. Animal Plastics is great. They're where we'll be getting the hatchling rack from. That'll be our next big investment, but we're not too worried about that till we have a clutch in the incubator or at least a gravid Ma-tsu.

It's the first thing you see when you walk in. It's awesome, lots of room for the snakes to stretch! Surreal. Karen and I sat and watched them settle in for an hour I think. My only worry now is when we do move, entrusting movers to transport them safely!

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Medusas's Owl

It's all in the timing

Ma-tsu has an RI. :(

She was an incredibly good girl as per usual though she did *not* care for the lung-flush dealie. She'll be on anti-biotics for a while, and we have a second herpstat on the way for the beauties to keep their temps more consistent. I've just updated the caresheet accordingly as well. Children as expensive, no matter what the species. :P I swear, it's like we're paying for veterinary school between our bunny's kidney stone, our cat's diabetes & kidney issues, and now Ma-tsu's RI... all this year, I think. But our vet fantastic and take good care of our babies. Thank god we have a car now.

There will be NO breeding till Ma-tsu is 100%! And preferably in a bigger enclosure as well, but we can't seem to get a hold of custom wood reptile cages... If we don't hear back soon, we may have to reluctantly go with something else. But the most important thing is the health and well being of our critters. Healthy and happy is the way it oughta be. We've been trying to get the snake corner all set up, and we do have plans and should be able to make it work soon depending on how things go. The plan is to get a nice big double decker for Ma-tsu and Neptune, and give Neptune's old cage to a younger female that's yet to be acquired. The tank will be history.

I'll keep you guys updated on how Ma-tsu is doing! Man, what a year.
Medusas's Owl

Adorable spaz

Our corn snake, Falkor, is like the chicken little of snakes. Of all our snakes, he makes me laugh the most. He's a jumpy high strung little guy, but not in a nippy way. He's never struck at anyone or even pretended to dry to bite. He just... spazzes. Like, every time I open up his enclosure to change his water or do anything really he'll wake out of a dead sleep to peek out and whip his head around. "OMG, WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY STUFF!!" He seems to say. Sometimes followed by a hopeful moving towards me, following me alongside the tank "Wait, do you have food? Food for me? Food?... No? Then OMG WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY STUFF, I NEED THAT STUFF! THE SKY IS FALLING, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!"

I once made the mistake of starting to take out the things in his enclosure before I took him out, to clean it. His tree hide, his water dish, his statue, his other hide... he nearly lost his poor little reptilian mind. "NooooooOOOoooo! MY STUFF!" He's a materialistic little dude. I can take him out and he's fine, but soon as I touch his stuff he looks around frantically like it's the end of the world. Even just his water dish. Spoiled little guy. He loves that stuff. When I put everything back, including him, he runs around to make sure everything's where it should be then curls up to go to sleep. "S'right... MY stuff..."


He's also always extremely interested in what we're doing. I often find him staring into the kitchen or his head following us as we go by. He knows I'm the bringer of food, so if I open the top and don't appear to be touching his stuff, he comes toward me hopefully. I can have his food on a tong right next to his face, but he's sure I'm hoarding the good stuff and he's moving up toward me instead! I have to literally wave the food in his face for him to realize that it's already in the cage. Falkor cracks me up!
Ardhanari Naga

Love is the opening door

Been working on this piece for a very long time, and I finally feel it's finished. Ardhanarishvara, the union of Shiva and Parvati, is my Ishta Devatā and beauty snakes have had a huge impact on my life as symbols of love and inspiration. The combination seemed only natural on a personal level. This will likely be the only Naga Ardhanari I do, but it most certainly won't be the last Ardhanari piece, nor the last piece incorporating beauty snakes. Blue Beauties and Taiwan Beauties lend themselves so perfectly to the traditional colors of the Ardhanari... This is easily my favorite of any art piece I've done, and symbolizes creation, love, and divine unity amongst a host of other things for me. I hope the love shines through. :)

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EDIT: PS, the incubator is humming and Ma-tsu is pudgy and in the blue *crosses fingers!* Here's hoping she sheds soon and gives us a nice healthy clutch!