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Medusas's Owl

Scheming dreams to blow both their minds

All the snakes are getting ready to shed, I think! Neptune & Ma-tsu are blueing, Gomez is pink bellied, Falkor is hiding as opposed to being a hyper spaz, and Irwin... well, I dunno about Irwin. I hope he sheds soon too, I want to see what his little bitty shed is like! It's funny how all the snakes seem to sinc up their sheds. They're so pitiful like this though. I look forward to snakey pms being over.

Speaking of snakes, I've fallen in love with the mojave ball pythons... and I would *love* to invest in a pair someday. So velvety, and what contrast... and not only that, but it's possible to produce blue eyed leucistics out of them!! And do I want a blue eyed leucy? Pure white snake with lilac head and blue eyes? Oh yes... you'd better believe I do. Freaking GORGEOUS pythons. I know there's lots of leucistic colubrids available, but... the BP just blows my mind. That's the leucy that I want. And the only way that's ever going to happen is to produce them myself. Which is fine by me! Especially as I love the mojaves in their own right. Just stunning.

So yeah... Blue Gorgon plans thus far: VBBs and lots of em, obviously! Possibly Caulker Cay boas, and Mojave/het ball pythons and maybe some leucys if I'm lucky.. I'm debating now on the axanthic (black and white) I was planning on for Gomez, because I actually like the mojaves better and they're around the same price range. Maybe our Tish will be a mojave instead? Especially as Caulker Cays are pretty much naturally axanthic so I'll be getting my black/white/grey fetish in that way... Hmmm.

Course, still planning on the gopher snake, but no plans to breed there... so far. ;) No plans to breed Falkor or obviously Irwin (can't sell native wildlife in Oregon anyway, and rubber boas are native. Can own em, just not sell them). Blue Gorgon will always be about VBBs, but a lot of sites that specialize do carry other species aside from their specialty too.

*babbles on* I plan so far ahead in the future it's scary... but fun. Plotting snakey endeavors makes me happy. I'm so going to be a crazy snake lady... if I'm not already. There was lots to fall in love with at the expo. The white lipped python... preeeetty.... if I came across a super tame captive bred one... and the sunbeams were amazing, but wild caught and cranky/musky. Burrowing snakes not so much for me, I like the paper substrate too much. Maybe we will do a bearded dragon someday... we'll see. ;) Still not thrilled about needing to keep feeder bugs... For now, all new herps will be in art form or baby VBBs.

Speaking of art... New Medusa idea... Anaconda Medusa Ixchel. Man, I have a lot of artwork to catch up on.