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Ardhanari Naga

Love is the opening door

Been working on this piece for a very long time, and I finally feel it's finished. Ardhanarishvara, the union of Shiva and Parvati, is my Ishta Devatā and beauty snakes have had a huge impact on my life as symbols of love and inspiration. The combination seemed only natural on a personal level. This will likely be the only Naga Ardhanari I do, but it most certainly won't be the last Ardhanari piece, nor the last piece incorporating beauty snakes. Blue Beauties and Taiwan Beauties lend themselves so perfectly to the traditional colors of the Ardhanari... This is easily my favorite of any art piece I've done, and symbolizes creation, love, and divine unity amongst a host of other things for me. I hope the love shines through. :)

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EDIT: PS, the incubator is humming and Ma-tsu is pudgy and in the blue *crosses fingers!* Here's hoping she sheds soon and gives us a nice healthy clutch!